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BiB is challenging the notion that cheap, nutritious, and sustainable food cannot exist.

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Our Impact


climate smart agriculture

Bambara thrives in arid, drought-ridden climates, making it one of the most climate-smart crops. Its has a naturally low water footprint and improves soil fertility as it grows. Like all legumes, bambara is a nitrogen fixer, meaning it excretes nitrogen back into the soil as it grows. This is one of the most important biochemical processes on Earth as nitrogen is needed by all plants to grow. This makes bambara particularly valuable for intercropping and crop rotations, directly encouraging crop diversity.

women’s empowerment

By sourcing bambara directly from women’s farming cooperatives in SSA, BiB will challenge the notion that the only way to cultivate commodity crops is via industrial farming. Instead, we employ smallholder cooperatives to cultivate bambara as a cover crop, a nitrogen fixer, and an added source of steady income. BiB is creating a new paradigm for sourcing commodities. 

rural development

BiB is intentionally seeking to source bambara from communities that have not yet had access to the international marketplace, such as the Bolgatanga region of Northeast Ghana. By sourcing from these communities our purchasing power will directly impact the local economy. Through our partnerships with international and domestic agricultural NGOs, we are also contributing capacity building to regions that have been underserved due to the scale of their smallholder operations.


We are working to meet the demands a global population that is expected to soar past 9 billion by 2050.

NGO News Publication  |  April 2016



Protein Isolate - Due to bambara’s high levels of amino acids, it is an ideal plant-based protein isolate. Bambara protein isolate has many functional capacities that make it valuable for food processing into plant-based meat and dairy products.

Gluten-Free Flour - Flour ideal for cooking and baking gluten-free products.

Dried Beans - Raw, dried bambara groundnuts straight from our smallholders farmers in Ghana.


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